Medium Sized Mats

The ideal sized mats for tents, camper trailers, buses and small to medium caravans.

As an outdoor area option in your home for patio and pergola.

Medium: 2.7m x 3.6m (9ft x 12ft)


PALM FRONDS - Beige & White (Medium)

PALM FRONDS - Beige & White (Medium)

The holiday vibe begins as soon as you lay down the Fronds Mat. This gorgeous, contemporary mat will transform any outdoor living or camping site to a comfortable, stylish and mess free space.   Our mats are fully reversible for two totally different looks. This mat is a warm beige with hints of white on the dark side and a soft beige and white on the light side. The Outdoor Floor mats are made from recycled plastic, which is light, durable & so soft underfoot, and is super easy to keep clean. Whatever sand & dirt doesn’t slip through the weave, simply sweep it off with a broom or use a blower. They can be hosed down for a more thorough clean and are quick to dry, which comes in so handy when wet weather hits your campsite. Keep feet and bums free from stones, dirt, mud, sand & bindi’s, all while keeping your camp clean. These mats are an absolute must for any camper or traveller, they will double the size of your usable space on site.  Think afternoon siesta, kids play and rest mat or happy hour, not just good to walk on, they are great to lounge around on and a great place to escape the stifling midday heat of a van.   Our mats are UV treated so they won’t fade, are slip free, mould resistant. and a quick 30 second set up or pack down.  And when you're done, put it in the handy carry bag for easy transport and storage. Medium Measures: 2.7 m x 3.6m  Also available in:Small: 2.7m x 2.7m Large: 2.7m x 4.5m     

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