Here at The Outdoor Floor we had vision to encourage people to get outdoors, explore this beautiful Country of ours and create a lifetime of memories with your family and mates, in comfort and in style.

Our recycled plastic mats are seen as an essential Camp & Travel item, and are proving very popular with Aussie Travellers.  They provide an instant outdoor living area when you're on the move, in caravan parks and free camps, for picnics, beach days, sunset drinks with the crew or to simply and cost effectively dress up your outdoor living area.  These mats are for everything outdoors,  whether on the move or at home.

Based in Newcastle NSW, we offer a range of sizes to suit your outdoor needs with everything from a picnic size mat, deck and patio sizes, all the way through to large caravan annexe mat

Our mats are made from recycled plastic. They are light, durable, mould resistant & come in a range of stylish colours and designs to compliment your decor.

NSW & QLD Schools, Daycares and Sporting Associations are using The Outdoor Floor to provide a practical space to facilitate outdoor activities. They are a perfect outdoor classroom, or a designated marshalling area for sports carnivals, swimming carnivals and cross country events. Our recycled plastic mats provide you with an instant solution to a dry, comfortable place for them to gather, cheer, meet, learn and leave their belongings.

There really is something for everyone.  

Buy from us with confidence.  We are proudly 100% Australian Owned and Designed.  We use the heaviest grade of recycled plastic available to not only ensure maximum comfort and softness but to also guarantee you the longest lifespan.

So wander with us and do the outdoors like you never have before, with The Outdoor Floor.