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Make athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals a colourful and practical affair.  Pop our mats under your gazebos to provide your sports houses dry seating and a safe identifiable place to leave their belongings. Our mats provide a unique outdoor space to facilitate early childhood learning or to create outdoor classrooms.  Use these mats throughout your school and school year for reading groups, book week parades, excursions, assemblies and special events. Available in 2 different bundle sizes to accommodate the size of your school and students.

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The unique artwork that adorns our mats reflects knowledges, songlines and journeys of growth. The lines in the design represent songlines that guide us through our journey of discovery and reflect our journey past. The dot work symbolises the knowledges we share with one another, which helps us grow together and learn new possibilities. Each colour depicts the land in which you sit and share this knowledge: By the Sea (blue), in nature amongst the Trees (green), on the land in the Dirt (red) or on the Sand (yellow). May we continue to share this knowledge and experience these journeys, and build our songlines together. About the Artist Mikaela Cameron (M. J. Badagarang) is a proud Dharug saltwater woman from the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia. Mikaela has a deep connection to her culture and has a passion for sharing this with others through the use of art and creative making.

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